The Incorrigible Night Owl

March 19, 2004

Just back from OKC

I can't believe this weather! Our car thermometer read 83 as we were driving home. It's crazy. I hope this is just a fluke and it cools off some. I am terrified of having another summer like the summer of 2000, when it was over 100 every day for like 30 days here. UGH!

We just returned a little while ago from the city. I have had more satisfying trips, but we did get a lot of shopping done, so it wasn't a total wash. It's just so difficult right now with two small kids. I never understood why people would say it was more trouble than it was worth to go places until we had two kids. I know it will go back to being easier when they are older but, right now, it's a pain in the rear, especially with John Zachary being so high-needs and wanting to be carried constantly and stuff. Kind of puts a damper on walking around the mall when you have to tote an 18-lb. baby on one arm the whole time.

We had a pretty lousy night, too. They had no cribs at the hotel so JZ slept with me and Robert slept on the pull-out couch (it was a suite). Madalyn was in the room with me but kept coughing and waking the baby up, so I transferred her to the living room with Robert, where the two of them continued coughing at each other all night. Meanwhile, JZ was up every hour for the first part of the night and I had trouble falling asleep. So it was a less-than-joyous group we made this morning! We scrapped the zoo trip because we got a late start (Robert had to be back by 5) and we just shopped and took Madalyn to the mall playground instead.

One cool thing happened, though. I forgot to pack a Pull-Up for Madalyn and didn't discover it till it was way too late to go out hunting for some to buy. So I told her she would sleep in underwear. Now, she has been fully potty-trained during the day, including naps, for months, but still wore a Pull-Up at night. I suspected she was only using it because she knew, subconsciously, that she didn't have to get up. But I was too chicken to just make the leap and put her in underwear. Last night necessitated the switch, though, and she did perfectly! I was so proud I told her she could pick out a toy when we went to Target. She selected a Polly Pocket horse stable thing. Hopefully we will have continued success tonight.

There's not much on the books for tonight. Robert had to go to the restaurant, as it's coonhunters weekend (a huge group of coonhunters come to town twice a year and they always converge on our restaurant). Madalyn is feeling punk because of her cough so she is just lying around. Usually she stays up late on Friday to watch "What Not to Wear" with me but I don't know that she will make it that far!

Off to finish catching up....