The Incorrigible Night Owl

March 26, 2004

Just another day....

It's a pretty nice day today. 73, according to (One of these days I really need to get us a thermometer!) It is overcast, which is how I like it if it's going to be in the 70's. If it's 70-something and the sun is out, it's too hot for me to be outside because the sun makes it feel hotter than it is. 73's a good temp if you don't have the sun beating down on you.

Later today, Robert has a live broadcast from a car dealership here in town. They are having free barbeque and hot dogs and our pig mascot is going to be there. So I am going to take the kids over to get a bite and say hi. I think Madalyn will like the pig, plus this will likely be her only chance to see Robert today. I don't think he'll make it home between now and the broadcast and he goes straight from there to the restaurant and won't get home till late.

Last night, for dinner, John Zachary had a helping of peas & carrots, then an entire container of fruit, and then I gave him some cereal on top of that. He slept from 7:30-12:30, then 12:40-5:30, then 5:45-8. Much better than up every three hours and then up for the day at 7! Coincidence?? Who knows?! When he first went on 3 meals a day, one container per meal, he started sleeping longer for about ten days. Then he quit. Now I'm wondering if he's back to being hungry again and that's why he's back to getting up so often. So I am going to try to feed him more at each meal and see if it helps.

On the plus side, he is finally starting to "get" the whole sippy cup thing. He will now actually drink juice out of it. He doesn't drink a whole lot but he does understand that what's in there is yummy and that he is supposed to swallow it, not let it all run back out of his mouth! He still only drinks if I hold it for him, though. If I let him have it he just chews on the spout.

All this makes me feel better about leaving him in May, though, because it means Robert will be able to give JZ something to drink at night if needed. I have an appointment up in the city at the beginning of May. My original thought was just to spend the whole day up there. But Robert went one better and suggested I spend the night and get a good night's sleep for once. So I am planning to do that. I will stuff myself with as much good food as possible, go see a movie, and shop. The appointment is on a Thursday afternoon so what I will probably do is go up Thursday morning after Madalyn goes to school. Robert will have to take off from the radio that day. I'll stay over till Friday and we can get one of our sitters to come take over with the kids at 2 when Robert has to leave for the radio station.

A couple quick notes on the new leaves I turned over: I'm doing okay on WW. I weighed myself yesterday and I had already lost some weight from last time I was on the scale a couple weeks ago. The salt thing -- eh, so-so. It's very temtping for me to grab the regular shaker instead of the salt substitute. Keeping up with the house is going pretty well, too. I need to pare down my lists a little because I'm getting over-ambitious and putting too much on them. I need to take into account that I always end up doing things that aren't on the list so I need to allow time for that, too.

That's the word for today.