The Incorrigible Night Owl

April 22, 2004

And in other news....

It's quarter-to-twelve and I'm still in my jammies.

Ahh, the life of a woman of leisure. Ha.

Actually, Robert got up with the kids this morning, took Mads to school and ran some errands with JZ in tow. He deposited JZ back here with me, got his stuff together, and left. Now The Infant sleeps and Robert is on his way to San Antonio for a golf trip.

I'd be jealous -- ya' know, if I actually liked golf.

So it's just me and the crumbsnatchers until Sunday night. I am planning a little retail therapy to ease the trauma of being left alone. All that remains to be decided is whether to go tomorrow or Sunday. I'm thinking Sunday is my best bet, in that Robert told me to go out and pick up the money bag from the restaurant on Saturday night. And if some of said money should find its way into my purse for a shopping trip, well, then so be it.

Speaking of JZ (not really, but I did mention him somewhere up there)he has been on a roll lately. It is 2 weeks now that he's been sleeping through the night. And I don't mean any half-@$$ed book definition (5 hours straight) of sleeping through the night, either. I mean he goes to bed and sleeps till it's time to get up for the day, which is anywhere from 10-12 hours. He also began crawling last Friday and can now motor around the living room at a pretty good clip. He has gotten up the step leading out of the living room twice, but mostly it just frustrates him and he sits there and cries until I come back to get him. He also pulled up to standing the other day, using the living room step and the wall to work his way up. He still only has one tooth, though. Madalyn had 4 by the time she turned 10 months. He has had just this one for over 3 weeks now. No sign of its twin on the other side, either! No matter, he can gum up food like great-grandma at a $2.99 buffet.

That's the rap for today. I will leave off with a picture of JZ and his new trick.