The Incorrigible Night Owl

May 25, 2004

It lives!

I am tired, but before I flop, face-down, on my keyboard, I will endeavor to update as it has been a while.

Darlin' Zachy turned 11 months on Sunday and today he let go of his LeapFrog activity table and remained standing for several seconds -- twice! Now if we could just get an intentional word out of him, we'd be in good shape.

Madalyn's preschool let out last week and she is missing "her kids" already. She is, however, looking forward to our next trip to "Cally-fornyer" and all the fun contained therein.

My lovely parents are adding a room onto the house to accommodate our rapidly-growing family (rapidly-growing as in getting taller and therefore no longer fitting in small beds; not rapidly-growing as in adding more members! Heaven forbid!) Now, I can't say as they'd be doing it if it didn't increase the value of their home in an already insanely high real estate market, but, hey, it sounds good to put it that way. Anywho, it will be ready for myself and Robert to occupy this next trip out. The kids will remain in my former bedroom, where we've all been crammed in up till now.

In the weight loss department, I'm afraid there isn't much to report. Falling off the wagon, getting back on, falling off, getting back on, ad infinitum. I'm letting myself off the hook way too easily. Lately I can't even make it through a full day sticking to my points. I am ready to throw it out the window and "start over again tomorrow" at the drop of a hat. Baggage, much? I need a bellman to help me handle it all. Today was yet another new beginning. I am encouraged to report that I DID stay on points today. In fact, I finished up with one left over and decided just to let it go rather than trying to find something else to stuff in my face. There was a moment when I wanted some cookies and I thought, "Heck, I'll just fudge it and eat a few." But I was able to take myself in hand and say, "NO! I am not going to do it. I am done putting this off till tomorrow." So hopefully this resolve will stick with me.

I also walked 3 miles today with a friend, which is quite helpful. I have been doing a bit better in the exercise department -- walking, doing aerobics at home, etc. I plan to try to add in some swimming once our pool is usable.

Speaking of the pool, or "the Okefenokee Swamp," as we are now calling it, Robert uncovered it yesterday. He fished out a snake, a lizard, ten tons of debris, and possibly sighted the Loch Ness monster in the deep end. Needless to say, we won't be jumping right in. However, we are working feverishly (read: Robert is doing the actual cleaning while I stand on the porch with the baby on my hip, calling out helpful suggestions) and we hope to have it swimable (is that a word?) by Memorial Day. We hope to be able to hang out around the house all day, swimming and barbequing burgers and dogs.

Over and out.