The Incorrigible Night Owl

June 6, 2004

Who's the dummy here?

Why am I here?

No, seriously...this is no existential quandry. I mean it quite literally.

This is approximately the kajillionth night in a row that I have looked at the clock, noted the time, and wondered, "Why on God's green earth am I still awake and sitting on this bloody computer?"

It doesn't help that my beloved is also still awake, flopped across the couch, watching very bad superhero cartoons. And it's not because that's all that's on. Those puppies are Tivo'ed. He recorded them and is watching on purpose.

Neither one of us is smart enough to go to bed at a decent time. We need help.

On the bright side I did stay on my points for today. And I've been exercising every day for the past two weeks. I either walk (3 miles) or do an aerobics video at home if I am not going to be able to get out. I am not going to make the goal I had in mind before leaving for California but I will be a few pounds lighter than last time I was there.

I am currently working myself into a dither in preparation for our trip. It just wouldn't be a visit home without me stressing about it for at least two weeks prior. If Robert weren't joining us for part of the time I would be considerably less agitated. But, because of the pets, having all the humans absent requires much more planning than if one of us were going to be home the entire time. Thereby affording me many more opportunities to obsess, natch.

Speaking of the pets, and hearkening back to my original point -- Robert insists that our cats are stupid. But I'm sitting here thinking about it, looking at Gracie crashed out on my Coca-Cola throw rug, and it occurs to me that the cats? They sleep? When they are tired? Meanwhile I get six hours of sleep last night, was dozing off at 6 p.m. while trying to watch telly, and yet here I am at 12:30 a.m. banging away at this keyboard. Still. Who's the dummy, here?

That's it! I'm off to bed! Sayonara, already.