The Incorrigible Night Owl

June 17, 2004

Things are golden in the Golden State

We made it!

I'm sitting here, at my mom's computer, with the front door open, listening to the 44" windchime that was a gift from me to my parents a few anniversaries back.

It's a lurvely 75 degrees with a nice breeze blowing. It's definitely much cooler than I'd dared hope it might be. I know better than to hope this weather will last the entire three weeks so I am enjoying it while I can.

I'm also currently enjoying a little quiet time -- the first I've had since we arrived on Tuesday. It's hard to come by around here as it's a small house and there's usually someone else around. But both parents are at work and both kids are down for naps, so I am savoring the peace and quiet

The trip went fine. Madalyn was her usual, expert-traveler self. And John Zachary even did well, too! He cried a few times but never for more than a minute. I was able to use snacks as a distraction. During both landings I plied him with crackers and that kept him quiet and his mind off the fact that he was strapped into his car seat when he really would rather not have been.

Really, the hardest part was just getting on and off the plane with all of our gear. That was exhausting (and stressful)! I don't usually care what people think about me but, for some reason, I do have this horror of people looking at me when I have both kids and thinking, "Oh, there's another one of those mothers who has no control and is completely helpless. Why does she even have kids if she can't handle them?" The horror also encompasses the fear that I will be perceived as one of those women who thinks I'm suddenly entitled to the world coming to screeching halt to accommodate me just because I have a couple rugrats in tow. *Shudder* So I tend to want to do everything myself when I am traveling with them. I can't stand to ask for help. However, for the time being, I have to. And I hate it. But I just have to grit my teeth and bear it until JZ starts walking. When that happens that will free up both my hands again to schlepp junk!

Hmm...reading back over this it would appear I have some issues relating to maintaining independence! After all, this is someone who wouldn't ask for help with 40-lb. suitcases while largely pregnant because she didn't want to be "some helpless pregnant drama queen." I bet there are therapists out there who would love to sink their teeth into that one! *grin*

Eh...anyhow, I digress...

So we had a nice day yesterday. I was awake by the crack of freaking dawn, due to a lighting issue in my new room -- namely, the window on the east-facing door wasn't covered so I got the sun directly in my eyes at around 5:40 a.m. (A Hefty bag and two magnets later and the problem is now fixed, tee hee.)

I took the kids shopping at Target and then we came home so Zachy could nap. Jennifer came over (with the kids) when she got off work and we headed downtown to the bowling alley -- only to find they were closed! So we went to Denny's to grab a bite to eat and then buzzed up to WalMart. We went to Jen's for a while and then stopped by Robin's for about half an hour before heading home.

Today all we have done is visit my grandma for a little while. Both kids, as mentioned previously, are now snoozing. Tonight we will head to SLO for Farmer's Market. Tomorrow promises to be even more fun. Mom took the day off and we will make our traditional shopping pilgrimage to the outlet mall, Mervyn's, and wherever else happens to strike us.

There are many more things on the agenda but not much set in stone yet, aside from Zachy's party on Wednesday. I need to make myself a list of everything I have in mind so I can make sure to squeeze it all in!

Until next, this weather is AWESOME!!!!