The Incorrigible Night Owl

June 28, 2004

California installment 2

I'm just back from my pedicure so my candy pink toenails and I are grabbing a few moments on the computer while Robert and JZ nap and Madalyn watches "Between the Lions."

We've been having all manner of fun since I last updated. This is one trip following which I will not get home and suddenly realize I really didn't do much. It's definitely been easier to get around now that Zachy is a bit older -- and it will only continue to get easier from here on out, thank heavens.

On Friday the four of us and my mom went to Morro Bay. We had lunch and then took a harbor cruise on a sub-sea boat. Here are Grandma and the kids on deck. The children were given life vests while the adults were left to fend for themselves. The unspoken implication, I assume, being that if you don't know how to at least tread water what the hell are you doing sailing about a harbor with nothing but a lightweight aluminum railing and some canvas between you and Davy Jones' locker?

A sub-sea boat is a boat with an upper deck and also a sitting area below deck that is underwater. There are windows and they throw out fish food and huge schools of fish come along for your own personal observation. It was really neat -- something you don't see every day, anyway:

I caption that picture "Holy Mackerel." Har. Har.

Saturday evening brought about a momentous occasion: Robert and I were able to go out on a date! Not only is this notable because it's only our third night out alone together this year, but it is the first time my mom has really and truly babysat both children. Not for lack of trying, you understand; the past two times we've been here I have experimentally slipped out for a short period of time to test the waters -- and John Zachary cried the entire time I was gone. So, needless to say, my mom wasn't exactly begging to be left with him and my dad was downright against it. But JZ has made vast improvements in this arena since our last visit so my mom was willing to try again. Prior to Saturday, I ducked out a few times to take a walk in the evenings and things went just fine. So I felt fairly confident going in. I put him down for his nap around 3:45 and we left right away. He woke up around 5 and was happy as a clam until we returned around 7. Hooray...for all of us!

Our date, by the way, consisted of seeing the movie "The Terminal" and having dinner at a cute little Italian caffe, where we enjoyed a tasty (and QUIET) meal. Robert even bought me a long-stemmed rose off the lady who came around selling them. Gah...romance and junk!

Yesterday was also quite spiffy. My mom and I went to see Harry Potter together. This is the first HP movie we've gotten to see in theater together and it was most enjoyable. I'd been looking forward to it ever since I figured out the movie would still be in playing when I visited. Lest you underestimate the depths of our collective devotion to all things Harry, I will share with you a picture which will quell any doubts. Behold:

In case you aren't quite sure, that is my mom and myself, moments prior to leaving for the movie, wearing our matching Hogwarts shirts. Yes, my mother and I are Harry Potter geeks.

The last bit of news for today is that darling Robert is heading for home tonight. His plane doesn't go till 9:30 p.m. so we have the rest of the day to spend together before I see him off. It's been great having him here. I don't mind coming alone for the entire time but it's certainly much nicer when he can join us for a least part of the time.

Speaking of Robert, I am off to help him pack.