The Incorrigible Night Owl

July 21, 2004

A short to-do list

Things I Should be Doing:

1. Watching my children.

2. Working to make a dent on the mile-long list of projects I MUST get done before my parents arrive in September (it's not that they don't know I'm a slob; it's just that my conscience prevents me from subjecting them to evidence as such).

3. Eating a Weight Watchers-approved brunch that includes the four basic food groups.

4. Flitting around the house, a la Donna Reed, wearing a dress and heels and smiling vacuously while I pick up after my children and husband as though that's the entire reason God put me on this green earth.

Things I am Actually Doing:

1. Letting the cleaning lady's daughter watch my children. (Hey, she took both of them and disappeared into Madalyn's bedroom -- that constitutes volunteering, in my book)

2. Parking my sizeable butt in front of the computer.

3. Trying to decide whether to throw a couple Pop-Tarts in the toaster or jump in the car and run to McDonald's.

4. Sitting around the house, wearing workout clothes and no shoes and absentmindedly wondering how much longer I can put off doing laundry before we run out of clean underwear.

*Yawn* I need a nap....