The Incorrigible Night Owl

August 20, 2004

Rants and rave

Awww..ain't she sweet?

Too bad she's not quite as angelic as she looks!

More pictures to come later.


Minor Ebay rant: Look, I put these things up at auction for a reason. Why would you expect me to end my auction early and sell you the items for a flat fee? Especially when I'd bet my right boob you're gonna lowball me. Suck it up and bid on the item like everyone else. If you lose, take heart, another one of these will be along shortly. It is the worldwide damned garage sale, after all.


Minor baby rant: I know you're adorable, and I know you know you're adorable. But, really, how can you, in good conscience, take advantage of the situation in such a way? It's just wrong, that's what it is. And if you hit me in the face again, I don't care how cute you are, I'm moving to Tahiti. Good luck living with your father. I hear he likes to have liver and brussel sprouts for dinner at least five times a week. Bon appetit!


Oh, and Kelly Ripa? I love you but just shut the hell up about how hideous you are. Seriously. I know you think you're being cute and self-effacing but it makes the fat chicks want to beat you. And that's coming straight from the horse's mouth.