The Incorrigible Night Owl

August 27, 2004


Who: Yours truly.

What: My little mommy getaway.

Where: Oklahoma City. (Hey, beggars can't be choosers.)

When: Wednesday/Thursday.

Why: Heh...let's call it a mental health trip!

Stayed: The Westin, downtown. Got stuck on the not-yet-renovated, smoking floor -- but unlike most Hotwire specials, I at least did not need a yak and a sherpa to guide me to my room. It was only a few doors down from the elevators.

Meals: Four.

Actual number of meals I would have needed to keep my body alive and functioning: Two.

Consumed: Philly cheesesteak and fries in mall food court; baby back ribs, salad, baked potato at Tony Roma's; cinnamon crunch bagel (a.k.a. round slice of heaven) with hazelnut cream cheese at Panera Bread; single with cheese from Wendy's.

Amount of cash in posession Wednesday morning: $250.

Amount of cash in posession Thursday afternoon: $5.

Number of items purchased for children: 8,563.

Number of items purchased for self: 2.

Number of items would have hacked off own arm to acquire: At least 25. (I hate window-shopping.)

Hours slept: 10.

Massages received: 1.

Times I considered pointing the car west on I-40 and not stopping till I reached California: 2.

Pages of "East of Eden" I'd have to have read to be on course to finish in time for book club: 350.

Pages of "East of Eden" actually read: 0. (Gah...Steinbeck...)

Pages of "Princess Diaries 2: Princess in the Spotlight" read: 127.

Movie: "Princess Diaries 2." (I was going for a theme.)

Snacks consumed at movie theater: 0. (Still too stuffed from Philly cheesesteak.)

Oohing and aahing over: Angora knit baby items at the Children's Place; fuzzy, leopard-print skirt at JC Penney; everything at Gymboree.

Favorite part of the trip: The food. (Duh.)

Getting away for some r&r and then returning to realize that they really do miss you when you're gone? Priceless.