The Incorrigible Night Owl

November 27, 2004

Things you may not know about me

1) Iím, for the most part, a first-generation native Californian. My dadís family came from Pennsylvania. My momís dad was born in Germany. My momís mom was born in Los Angeles but they were living in Illinois when my mom was born.

2) I was a casual Beatles fan for most of my life up until 1994, when it burgeoned into an obsession. Itís a huge part of my identity, to the point where my message board friends, who donít even know me in real life, think of me immediately when they hear something Beatles-related. When George died people posted threads asking me how I was holding up.

3) So itís no surprise that I named my son after two of the Beatles. (Okay, most people know this one but I bring it up frequently, anyway, just because Iím proud. And creepy. Can't forget creepy.) For anyone who doesnít know, his name is John-Zachary Harrison J----.

4) One of my biggest goals in life is to go to all 50 states before I snuff it. I have 32, so far. Iím liking my chances (knock wood).

5) Speaking of knocking wood, Iím superstitious. I havenít walked with one shoe off and one shoe on since I was in elementary school Ė itís bad luck (7 years of tears for every step taken). I either hop on one foot to reach my other shoe, or I take the first shoe off so I can walk to wherever the second shoe is.

6) Back to the subject of traveling: Up till the age of 15, I had only been to two states. At 21, I had 7. Then I picked up another 24 in just 5 years, from age 22 to 27!

7) Before Madalyn was born I had 13 guinea pigs at once! We even put an addition off our bedroom to house the cages. Over the years they have passed on and we are down to just one remaining Ė Linus, who is in the neighborhood of 5 years old. This is the first time in almost 8 years that I havenít had multiple guineas in the house!

8) I can raise my left eyebrow without raising the right one.

9) I write with my right hand but throw, bat and bowl leftie.

10) My left ear also hears better and I am left-eyed, like when using a camera, microscope, etc.

11) I believe I was supposed to be taller, but something stunted my growth (hmm, couldnít have been the diet of Mike & Ikes and Cactus Coolers I lived on in junior high, now, could it?). I am 5í3Ē but have a huge head, hands, and feet. You donít see many 5í3Ē girls with size 10 gunboats.

12) Itís 9:05 p.m. and my daughter is asleep on the kitchen floor. Itís ceramic tile. And itís cold. She said she wanted to sleep on the floor; I didnít believe her. Guess she showed me.

13) One of my dream cars in high school: Toyota 4Runner.

14) What I drive now: Toyota 4Runner. (Hooray for being spoiled!)

15) My other dream car in high school: 1957 Ford Thunderbird. (Havenít quite gotten around to that one yet.)

16) I have never done drugs.

17) But I hung around with the ďstonersĒ for the first two years of high school.

18) Pro football teams I have seen play in person: Buffalo Bills (2x), New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs (2x), Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions.

19) College football teams I have seen play in person: Oklahoma Sooners (well, duh!), everyone else in the Big 12 conference except Nebraska; Northwestern, Notre Dame, Cal Berkeley, Washington State, Alabama, and more that escape me at this moment.

20) Major cities Iíve been to: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland OR, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, Memphis, Kansas City, New York City (4 boroughs), Buffalo, Providence, San Jose, Albuquerque, and St. Louis.

21) The longest Iíve gone without drinking a Coke, probably since I began drinking them in junior high: 8 days.

22) Nervous habits: picking/biting nails and cuticles, eating (helloÖhave you SEEN a picture of me??), grinding teeth, gently, in time to music in my head, fidgeting, facial twitches. Also when under stress my psoriasis/eczema flares up. (The moral of the story: Be glad this isnít a video blog.)

23) Theme rooms in my house: red toile (dining room), Coca-Cola (kitchen), jungle/safari (entryway), princess/fairy (Madalynís), John Lennon Musical Parade (JZís), beach/ocean (master bath). The rest have no specific theme, but the dťcor matches.

24) Number of non-Christian religions represented in my home, via sculpture or other artifacts: 2. (Many items representing gods and goddesses from the ancient Egyptian pantheon, plus several Buddhist deities, including a large statue of Kwan Yin on my front lawn).

25) Iím an obsessive list-maker. I have two folders on my computer Ė one for ďCurrent ListsĒ and one for ďOld Lists.Ē I have lists of things like the contents of every meal they served me when I was in the hospital having each child, all the Google searches that have brought people to this blog and all the songs that Paul McCartney sang when I saw him in concert (yíall, I had a pen and a piece of paper stuck in my sleeve which I pulled out at the beginning of every song).

This means that, far from being a cop-out, this entry is just the sort of thing I love to write. I guess it's my way of trying to bring order to chaos. Which, when you think about it, is, like, WAY better than the Borg's method of assimilating everyone they can lay cybernetic implant on. (Plus I looked into the assimilating thing and it's just not cost-effective.)