The Incorrigible Night Owl

January 4, 2005

California: by the numbers

It has been pretty slim pickings around this blog lately, and I apologize. I just don't have nearly as much time online when I'm here in CA as I do when I'm home. Plus, as soon as I arrive, my brain tends to turn into a relaxed mush that is not conducive to writing. Anyway, it's not likely to get much better until I return home on Saturday. But, in the meantime, I have gotten my stuff together long enough to present a summary of my trip so far. So, without further ado, here is California by the numbers.

Days we've been in California: 21

Days until we go home: 3

Blog entries written since I've been here: 1 (shameful)

Days it's rained: at least 10

Conversations particpated in regarding rain that ended with the phrase, "Well, we need it": 12

Nights slept through by children: 21

Nights slept through by self: 0

Number of times patricide has crossed mind: 3 (v. good)

Number of times thought of kicking father up the backside: 127 (needs work)

Movies seen: 3

Movies enjoyed: 1

Books read: 4

Bottles of Crazy soap read: 1

Minutes spent wondering if Crazy can be caught from using soap: 8

Times father has had to take water cooler bottle to be refilled: 6 (64 oz. a day, woohoo!)

Calories consumed: 137,524,361

Number of those calories consumed at Denny's: 100,642,863 (What can I say; I'm on a grilled cheese kick)

Minutes spent obsessing that frequent headaches over the last week are sign of brain tumor: 45

Amount of money spent: confidential

Amount of money spent that we could actually afford: $5

Cars rented for me by father against my will: 1

Number of years said car rental will be held over my head: 147 (possibly less if headaches really do turn out to be brain tumor)

Shopping trips taken: 3

Shopping trips financed by mother: 3

Times I've wished parents had TiVo: 28

Times I've wished parents had cable internet: 42

Times I've gotten out without any children in tow: 8 (v. good)

Toys acquired by children (not counting Christmas): 1,394

Number of those bought by Grandma "because she/he wants it!": 1,391

Number of times per day I look forward to going home: 1

Number of times per day I wish I could stay: 1

How many more of these goofy list entries I will foist upon you unsuspecting readers: Undetermined.

Thanks for reading, everyone. I'll be back this weekend.