The Incorrigible Night Owl

January 29, 2005

A touch of gray

"Gray day...everything is gray. I watch, but nothing moves today." (My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss)

Today is definitely a gray day -- at least, outside. The clouds are heavy and oppressive and it's a good thing I don't suffer from seasonal depression because a day like today might do me in. I'm an odd one, though. Cold, overcast days don't bother me. I'd rather it be this way than with the sun beating mercilessly down with a heat index of 100 degrees.

As for the color of the day inside...well, I'd have to say I'm feeling a bit orange today. Not quite cheerful but not down in the dumps. Optimistic and yet cautious. Orange is okay -- better than some alternatives, anyway -- but I'd rather be pink, or purple. The color of money would also not be unwelcome.

It is veeerrrry quiet in the house right now. John-Zachary is napping in his crib, and, as an added bonus, Madalyn set up her Disney Princess play tent on the kitchen floor, crawled in, and fell asleep. I am enjoying it while I can. I had to suffer through lousy Care Bears and My Little Pony cartoons earlier. True, I wasn't in the room while they were watching them, but the audio was enough to do my head in. Later it will be a flurry of eating, bathing, laying out clothes for church tomorrow, and all with a constant background buzz from either the telly or a CD.

Last night I left Mr. Mom in charge and drove up to Norman to see 1964: The Tribute (tribute to the Beatles; what else??) This was the third time I'd seen them and the first time I'd gone alone. Last year we went as a family. Everyone enjoyed it but that's when JZ was still in the "I'm a lump so I have no choice than to sit nicely throughout" stage and I figured he'd be a bit more of a handful this time. Plus I needed to get out and do mommy time. So off I went. I had a lovely sandwich at Cracker Barrel beforehand. The show was fab, as usual. I'm wishing I could go back again tonight or tomorrow. They also had on display three items of memorabilia which made me weak-kneed simply to stand next to. Had I been able to crawl into the display cases with the items, I'd have done so.

Driving home after 11 p.m. I suddenly realized that living in Oklahoma all these years has made me soft. I was all a-twitter about the very light fog that was present throughout the drive. I got aggravated at myself for being so nervous. There were times, in California, when I came across the Los Padres mountains in fog so thick I couldn't even tell I had crossed said mountains because I couldn't see a damned thing except for about four feet in front of me. And it never bothered me then. It's just what you're used to, I guess.

Save this, there is not much happening to report at this time. Things are fairly static. Robert turned in an application for a (law) job so we will see if we hear anything back on that. All we know is what was advertised in the paper so we are unable to get a bead on whether the ad was a formality, whether they are really looking to hire a new person, what the chances are that he will get any further than the application process, etc. It would be a Godsend if he did get it but we are not getting too hopeful as turning in an application does not an employee make.

And now, off to consume something completely unsuitable while the children sleep and I don't have to share.