The Incorrigible Night Owl

February 05, 2005

Perfect weekend

Today's Blogliner: Could you describe your perfect weekend for us?

My perfect weekend would begin when I awoke from a lie-in on Saturday morning to discover that I had lost fifty pounds, overnight, and John-Zachary had spontaneously potty-trained himself.

As I sat, marvelling over this turn of events, the phone would ring. I'd pick it up to find Paul McCartney on the other end, inviting me to a concert in New York City. He'd send his private jet down to whisk me to NYC. I'd attend the show rehearsal and then we'd have a nice dinner before the concert -- just the two of us; his wife isn't invited. Not because I want to put the moves on Paul, but because I don't want any interruptions while I'm grilling him with all the off-the-wall questions I can think of (all of which he, of course, would be thrilled to answer).

At the show I'd have a front row seat. Afterwards, I'd be put up for the night in a suite at the Ritz-Carlton. The next morning would find me flying home, first-class (Paul needs the private jet to get to his next show, duh!)

When I arrived home (since this is a fantasy, after all) I would find that Robert had cleaned the house top to bottom and it actually looked better than it did when I left!

Okay, I know -- this entry? Totally lame. But I have Paul on the brain. We are under 20 hours until his appearance on the Super Bowl halftime show (which I've been anticipating for months, ever since it was announced) plus he is about to announce the dates for his upcoming fall tour. I am SO there!