The Incorrigible Night Owl

May 2, 2004


I have redeemed myself!

Before my last CA trip I uninformedly purchased a rather expensive Jansport backpack from an online dealer. The dimensions were clearly printed in the description, but, knowing nothing of backpacking, they really didn't mean anything to me.

The thing arrived and it turned out to be HUGE! I mean, freakin' enormous! As in almost as big as me. It was incredibly difficult to handle on the plane along with the two kiddos and the carseat/stroller.

I was browsing around Ebay and came across a smaller, really cute pack that seemed a more reasonable size. So I ordered it, as well as a smaller backpack for Madalyn to start carrying her own stuff on the plane. (Put the kid to work! She can take it! She's the size of a 6-year-old -- kids that age make Nikes in some countries!)

I salved my conscience by promising myself I'd try to sell the Gigantor-pack on Ebay. I just looked and, I'm pleased to report, it is going to sell for $40. That's more than half what I paid for it. Which is pretty good, in my book.

This will also give me a chunk of change in my PayPal account to do more Ebay shopping with. Be still, my beating heart.

I am also pleased to report that I walked not one, not two but THREE miles today! I went with a friend and we did the 1.5-mile lap around our lake park twice. I may be damn near a hermit, but, I have to say, walking is much better when you have a friend along for chitchat. I get so dang bored when I walk by myself that I always give up after about a mile.

Besides that, not much going on here. Only 4 more sleeps till MOMMY DAY. I have my entire schedule for the two days plotted out. I'm practically aquiver with excitement. My only regret is I won't have time to hit a spa for some kind of treatment.