The Incorrigible Night Owl

December 27, 2004

All by myself

Why is it widely considered such an awful thing to go to the movies/eat out/do fun stuff alone?

I am sick unto death of people (usually women) recoiling in shocked horror at the mere thought of partaking in a meal without someone there to hold her hand. I'm sorry, but I've been taking in nourishment for three decades now and I'm fairly confident that I can do so without adult supervision.

It might be because I grew up an only child and learned how to be by myself from an early age -- but then I know other only children who absolutely have to be around other people, so that's probably not it. It's likely more of a personality issue. All I know is, I can't even have a pee at my house without at least one other human (and usually a cat) in attendance. So anytime I am able to get out, alone, and have a meal that is not punctuated throughout by shrieking, or see a movie without making fifty bathroom trips, I am going to take it. I even travel alone. And LIKE it. And I refuse to accept that it is odd.

You know, I really don't care if someone choses not to do activities alone. That's none of my business. But don't act like it's a shameful thing when the subject comes up. And don't assume that the person sitting alone in the restaurant or theater is a pathetic, friendless charity case. Honest-to-God, I have had someone ask me if I wanted to sit next to them in the theater because they "felt sorry" for me, all alone.

Well, I could say I feel sorry for people who won't see a movie they really want to or eat when they are hungry, just because there's nobody to go with them. It goes both ways, sister.

Like I said, to each her own. I don't have any less respect for people who don't care to do things alone. I just don't want to be pitied. People are different. Those of us who like to be alone are not freaks. That's all.

(Footnote: Mind you, this is not to be construed as me saying I don't want friends. Even I like to hang out with people sometimes. So, you know, if anyone is reading this and wants to get together, give me a call. My calendar's open. Really, really open. As in, I've been in Oklahoma 8 years and have one friend.

Okay, now, that? Was totally pathetic.)