The Incorrigible Night Owl

March 29, 2004

It's a sunshine day!

It's a happy, sunshiny, Spring-y day and I'm feeling cheerful and content. Even the fact that I was yearning for California earlier this morning doesn't bring me down.

I suppose the weather has something to do with it, but I daresay most of my mood is due to the fact that this is the first Monday in 3 months that Robert hasn't had to get up at 6 a.m. for his radio show at 7. I can't believe how much that schedule affected everything in our lives, but apparently it did, because now that it's over it feels like a great weight lifted.

Even though I was the one to get up with John Zachary this morning (7:10 a.m.) just knowing the fact that tomorrow I won't have to goes a long way toward helping me not to mind so much. Robert got to sleep this morning until almost 10. I got some things done before my shows started at 9. After Robert got up, the kids and I went in and piled on our bed and watched "The Price is Right" until Robert got out of the shower. Then he and I conversed for a while as he got dressed. We walked him out to the car and stood out there, talking, for a few minutes. We were all in a chatty, optimistic good humor. Amazing how a little sleep (or the prospect of it) can work wonders on one's psyche.

Robert has arranged his schedule so that he will work at the restaurant from 10:30 till 2, then his radio show is from 2-6. After that he will be home -- every day! We will be able to start sitting down to dinner like a normal family. Additionally, he has designated his restaurant time on Tuesday and Thursday as "management" time, which means that they shouldn't expect him to work inside the restaurant at all those days. That means he can do work in the office, but it also means he can come home and get things done here, too.

I am SOOO happy that he is going to be around more! I have missed him a lot!

I am starting to get a touch of the cabin fever, myself. I guess it's the weather. Now, I am not one who likes to spend time outside. I don't like to go to the beach or park and spend all day. So I'm not especially looking for outside activities. My version of cabin fever is I start running pointless errands or going out to eat just for the sake of going somewhere. During the winter, I save up errands until I have a bunch I need to do and then go and get them all done at once. When I start to get like this, though, I will pack up the kids and run out for just about anything. I may not care about doing activities outside, but I still have to go from the house/store to the car and back and it's a lot more fun when the weather is pleasant.

Last Friday, when I took the kids to the remote that Robert was doing, I just didn't want to go home after it was over. I wanted to be OUT! So I took them to Walmart, even though we really didn't need anything. A trailer dealership had set up a display of travel trailers in the parking lot, so we went through all of those and looked at them. Then we went in the store. We looked at the fish, did a little shopping, had a snack at McDonald's, and just generally wasted time. That is the kind of weird stuff I do when I've got cabin fever. I just wish we had more options here. A Target would be great to kill time in! Or a mall....*sigh*....

I could go on, but I need to wrap it up and go get some things done while Zachy is asleep. My next entry will probably be after my "mommy night" this coming Wednesday.