The Incorrigible Night Owl

March 31, 2004

This n' that

Well, not nearly as bubbly-happy as I was last time I entered, but I'm in an okay mood today.

I was just trying to get caught up at 20ish but the server is down...AGAIN. It seems like this happens once a day at least, now. It's never for very long but it's still most aggravating when one only has a certain amount of time to be online before other duties call!

Tonight is my mommy night out. Unfortunately the movie I wanted to see is not playing here. Not only that, but there is not really even a second choice I wouldn't mind seeing. There are a couple of things that I guess I could resign myself to seeing, if I decide I want to go just for the sake of going. Or I may just eat and go to the bookstore and read for a while. I hate this town so much!!!! If we lived in a more urban area I wouldn't have situations like this. Whatever I wanted to see would be playing. I'd have tons more options than just food--bookstore--movies. I HATE it!

Whoops, didn't mean for this to turn into a bitter rant-fest! I really am in a decent mood!

I still have a hand and foot dip + light massage left over from all the gift certificates Robert got me when I was gone to CA. I have scheduled it twice and had to cancel because he couldn't come watch the kids. So I have arranged for one of our sitters to come Friday of next week and I will reschedule it then. I think I will have her arrive at 4, have my appointment at 4:30, and then I will see if Robert wants to go get dinner together after he gets done with the radio at 6. Might as well make use of her while she's here!

I think I am doing pretty well in the weight loss department. I could start back to meetings tomorrow but I am doing all right on my own so I think I will give it another week or two, so that when I go weigh in again I will be lighter than what I was last time I was there. Then I won't feel so embarrassed about my spotty attendance. I just wish I knew what I weighed when I started. I didn't remember to weigh myself till I'd been counting points for about three days, and I don't remember what the scale said! I must keep in mind the old memory isn't what it used to be, pre-kids, so I need to write things down. Perhaps I will make a chart on the computer to keep track till I start back to meetings.

I suppose that's the bulk of it for today.