The Incorrigible Night Owl

July 17, 2004

The Sippy Cups are Breeding

Today I picked up no less than five sippy cups from various locations about my house.

I did not know we were missing five sippy cups. The top rack of my dishwasher is full of them. I thought, for sure, that every cup we owned was in the dishwasher. And yet I stumbled upon a new one seemingly every time I turned a corner.

I have come to the inevitable conclusion that the little buggers are breeding.

Of all the things in this house that could be multiplying, why does it have to be sippy cups? Why couldn't it be, oh, I don't shoes? Books? The five-dollar bill on the counter? You know, something interesting. But, no, it's always the boring stuff that seems to procreate endlessly and take over the house. Sippy cups. Happy Meal toys. Crayons. Bills.

Speaking of bills, here's a question. If you were scraping by by the skin of your teeth to pay yours and had recently bounced the check for your last house payment, what would be your next move?

Dingdingding! If you answered "Go to Vegas!" you are absolutely correct! And you also need some serious help!

Yes, the four of us are off to the land of neon and hookers at the end of this month. The official reason for the visit? The Star Trek convention at the Las Vegas Hilton (and, no, I won't be dressing up for it. Okay, well, maybe a Starfleet t-shirt. But that's it. I have my pride).

We will actually be staying at the LV Hilton this trip. We've been to the convention the last two summers running but have always stayed on the Strip, which never works out very well. Besides being a $10-$12 cab ride, one way, it's also damned near impossible to get all four of us up and ready and to the venue for any of the events before, oh, noon. So, though I don't fancy the idea of staying off-Strip, this will certainly make it easier for convention-going.

It wouldn't be a complete trip to Vegas, for me, anyway, without going to Caesar's and Luxor at least once. Luckily for us the new Vegas monorail is operational and goes out as far as the LV Hilton. That will be our primary mode of transport during this trip. Because, really, it's never too early for children to learn the valuable lesson of never looking your fellow public-transportation passengers in the eye! And after that lesson begins the next lesson in the fine art of skillfully avoiding being handed pornographic advertising pamphlets without actually stepping into oncoming traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard. Wheee! It's fun AND educational!